Live your true purpose

Live True to Your Purpose Even if You Don't Know How

You are a brilliant spark of Divine expression, unique in the way you see this world. You have a view no other possesses, a vision innately your own.

This Course is About You

It is about tapping into the pure passion that ignites your soul.

Yet no one can tell you what it should look like to authentically author your life.

For this gift of being resides within where only you can know through your light.

Your Course will be 12-weeks.

Each Monday you will receive a self-guided Lesson Plan

consisting of a combination of audio, reading, journaling and practice.

Week 1: Orientation to Perception

Week 2: Ruby Essence ~ Courage, Passion, Strength

Week 3: Garnet Essence ~ Self-Love, Actualization, Manifestation

Week 4: Amber Essence ~ Emotional Balance, Protection, Courage

Week 5: Topaz Essence ~ Abundance, Gratitude, Generosity

Week 6: Pearl Essence ~ Purity, Tranquility, Imagination

Week 7: Clear Diamond Essence ~ Clarity, Truth, Perfection

Week 8: Black Diamond Essence ~ Intuition, Power, Eternal Love

Week 9: Lapis Lazuli Essence ~ Spirit, Royalty, Wisdom

Week 10: Aquamarine Essence ~ Calming, Soothing, Emotional Growth

Week 11: Emerald Essence Compassion, Regeneration, Renewal

Week12: Wrapping the Gift

There will be the additional support on a live online private study group.

Plus additional support:

Soul Cafe ~ the last Friday of each month 5:00-7:00 pm PST

Soul Cafe is on a drop-in donation basis.

The suggested donation is 15.00

I look forward to seeing you and assisting in mentoring your process.

My Love and Gratitude,


To Register for the Zoom Link:

[email protected]


"It is a radical act of self-loving action to be all you can be."

Self value

"The greatest value you can give is in receiving the gift you have been given."


"True knowing can only be known through the jeweled wisdom of perception."

This course is closed for enrollment.

To Complement this Course

This Course is built upon the principles of the book Soul Power: You Loving You.

"Words can't express what a gift this book is to us & the Universe, and so timely. As I shared with you, my husband & I take turns reading a page every morning after breakfast and if so moved spend time sharing our reflections of the passage. This one in particular we read at the beginning of every reading as it is really working on me: "Welcome misunderstandings, welcome shortcomings, welcome the innocence that doesn't know another way. Be welcomed."  I am forever humbled by this page. Upon first reading I totally interpreted it as in my dealings with others & then as the Universe has its way of began shining a light on my own inner workings...blessed am I in so many ways & especially to have you in my life."

Gratitude & joy,

~Hazel Gilley

"My heart burst from reading sections of your book. It is wonderful and perfect for this time.  I read the Gratitude explanation and thought it very supportive for new and experienced students. This book was birthed in a pool of love and love flows from the book." 


~ Sue Danver

To Support Your Discovery