This prosperity course will help you achieve your potential whether your goals are spiritual, material or relational by strengthening your weaknesses and tempering imbalances.

What you are about to learn will enhance harmony in your life and create the ease to manifest what you want when needed. Turn your dreams into reality when you discover the secret within each of the 9 principles of wholeness.



Kim Lincoln is the founder of the Terrain of Essence Teachings, a spiritual school of embodied consciousness and mystical wisdom bridging the ancient teachings and the neuroscience of 3-centered awareness. She has entailed nearly 50 years of in-depth therapies, trainings, and her own personal work to reconnect with trusting the truth and living her passion. Kim's interests have led her into cutting edge systems of bodywork, somatic and trauma work, subtle energy systems, and spiritual practices bridging numerous denominations. The heart of her offerings are to teach people how to reconnect with their mind-body, heart and soul, and to live a fulfilling life respectful of all.


"This is a life changing experience for me. Thank you for making so much knowledge and wisdom available at such an affordable price." ~ Scott K.


"I have been able to be much more clear in my life about what I want and what wants me channeled through my essence."

~ Marie

& Testimonials

"I feel the best I have felt in my life. More of me is appearing as I do this work and it is good to feel at home with myself."

~ Cindy

All About Balance

"The unconscious meets you on the outside until you meet it on the inside." ~ Carl Jung

You are the result of your choices, shaping your reality whether conscious or not. This course is designed to awaken awareness of what rests in between.

By bridging the opposites manifestation naturally occurs.

This is the secret.

Now, you too can learn how.