Welcome to The Journey!

This 9-part course walks you through the epic journey of the soul and discerns the human stages of development from self-alienation ~ the fall from Grace. To discovering the essential self ~ unconditional love.

Knowing your essence is to know your true self. This is your real identity known to mystics as the angel of being ~ your Beloved.

Each step will reveal more of your radiant potential as you learn to differentiate between egoistic patterns and the essential self bridging human experience and the guiding brilliance of divine's light through...

Unity ~ Dual Unity ~ Triunity

Your Soul Guide

Kim Lincoln

The initiation for what was to become the material for this course and my school occurred through the catalyzing event of a near death experience when I was 18 years old.

Over the decades that followed my clarity and understanding of what was to become the foundation of my life's work unfolded. This course highlights the journey of what it is to be a soul from the human perspective and a human who is illuminated by the soul.

Now I am able to share these priceless teachings. May they enrich you in realizing that you are an essential hu-man-being and in turn may you too inspire others to grow.

My NDE Story

Interview of My Near Death Experience

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Community Meetup

To support your journey through this course you are invited to the Soul Cafe meeting hosted the last Friday of each month from 5-7pm PT, US on Zoom.

These meetings are to support your continued learning. Bring your questions about the class, your practice or an issue of concern that you wish to explore.

Every Monday night from 7-8:30 pm PT we offer the same format in the Gifts of Being class. Both of these classes are on a donation and drop-in basis.

Please send a request to join Soul Cafe and Gifts of Being through the contact page.

Thank you ~ we look forward to meeting with you live on Zoom!


"The Journey Course has been an empowerment. I can say with confidence this succinct course has given me a helpful container & a skillful map to appreciate the egoic softening that has occurred through years of work and also easefully discern and map what work is yet to be done. I finish this course with a greater capacity to marry my essential power with the nectars of divine creativity. I will be returning to this course again & again!"

~ Durga Forsyth, WELL WOMAN, Yoga Therapy & Feminine Wellbeing.

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Overview of The Journey

By learning to orient, navigate and understand where you are in your journey can empower you to:

  • make new choices
  • trust your truth
  • and live your desire

Kim Lincoln guides us on a journey to navigate the landscape of our soul which lays between the mind-body, heart, and spirit. By bringing us into direct contact with what is barely perceivable in order to access the essential qualities required for growth.

Her book Holy Here Wholy You, Discovering Your Authentic Self orients us with ways to explore the inner terrain of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. And how to develop a deeper connection with our true self.

Kim's poster presentation for the SAND, Science and Nonduality Conference can be downloaded and printed from her website https://www.kimlincoln.com/_files/ugd/05f39a_7fe2b38ef93f47e4bb5d34c6de1a2e15.pdf

In her book Kim demonstrates through her own experience and those of students’ ways to address hard-worn defenses put in place to prevent change and why that is so. And reveals ways to work with such obstacles in order to grow.

This book is a valuable adjunct to The Journey course and helps to clarify the complex dance between our unconscious habits and the unconditional love of our pure essence.