The Terrain of Essence Teachings offers self-liberation through a process of inquiry and experiential embodiment practices revealing the bio-luminescent wisdom of our soul.

This navigational system of spiritual-somatic-psychology bridges awareness of our relationship between what we feel, what we think and what we do, thus revealing the inherent qualities of the essences of our soul.

Engaging awareness of all parts of the whole helps us to integrate and grow. From this fuller view, self-actualization occurs enlivening our connection with the preciousness of being and it is here between mind and body that we discover our true Self.

"To realize true nature one must experience it, and ground it in the body or else it remains separate, simply as an idea that has no place to land, take root, and grow. Once felt in the body there is a vast terrain waiting and ready to reveal the preciousness within. Where just like the pearl, which begins as a coarse grain of sand causing irritation as it slowly evolves into a luminescent, resilient and precious form, so too are certain aspects of personality longing to integrate and become whole."


Meet Kim Lincoln

Kim Lincoln has an international following whos work rests in the fold of mysticism, spiritual psychology, energy work and consciousness. Her books, courses and workshops invite direct experience with the souls true nature, revealing deeper understanding and heartfelt compassion in growing ones capacity to embody psycho-spiritual transformation.